Loving it! I think the sessions themselves are great - it's so nice to have an S&C session with no expectation of silly bits of cardio (like the shuttle runs you always end up doing at circuit training or the fast stuff) but to be able to isolate and work on specific muscles to prevent injury - you just can't get this in other classes so I really think you guys are onto something and I've been singing the praises of the class to all the Striders.


The classes are brilliant! I have surprised myself already with what I have been able to achieve. I thought I would struggle but, though they have definitely not been easy, the classes have shown me what I can actually do, which is a huge confidence boost. They also highlight where I need to do more work and Andy is great in picking up poor technique - you really need someone else looking on objectively because it's easy to fall into bad habits. He corrects us with tact and thoughtfulness, however, and makes sure that we can all take part even if we have weaknesses/injuries etc. The variety of activities is also much appreciated, it makes the classes much more interesting. I also appreciate that we can bring music if we want to (even though I haven't yet!) - it just helps make the atmosphere more friendly. If Andy needs to turn it down he does and there are no problems.

Love the classes and would be happy to continue them. I'm looking forward to working on both my strengths and weaknesses some more in the next few weeks.


I'm really enjoying the class. I would even consider attending the class twice a week! I always find that I have gained something by the end of it. The trainer, Andy, is really good. I notice how he pays attention to our form during the exercises and always provides options in case we have bad knees or backs. I've found him to be really good. He's also patient and really explains the exercises well. I find the variation of exercises to be really good as well — it certainly keeps things interesting! I find that the time goes by really fast, which is a good sign. So really, everything positive from me!

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